World of Warcraft Legion Development Timeline Released

Legion World of Warcraft expansion set for release will come on Aug.30. However, the parent company of Blizzard will continue to release content post launch Legion in spurts.

When World of Warcraft Legion Legion has gone directly dungeons, normal and bold will also be open. Blizzard set a timeframe for reaching all releases Legion from August 2016 to October 2016.

Shortly after the prison opened, the prison difficulty Mythic will open the next day (ie August 2016). In September, players can get the option of opening the Emerald Nightmare Raid Twinfinite reported.
Blizzard is making sure that there are additional opportunities for the players association in the World of Warcraft Legion. They have been using pre-expansion patch where players in North America, Latin America, and the Oceanic can club together no matter where the members of the party or raid they belong.


To help the player, an option called Group Finder created, where they can access and see all the existing groups. This will make it easier to play games together and also along for the adventure as search World in World of Warcraft Legion.

To help players keep tabs on the timing of the election, Blizzard has decided to keep a single reset time. Reset timer for recurrent events in the game will be updated into a single lockout time 15: 0o UTC. This time will be universal for North America, Latin America, and the Oceanic. However resets weekly for World of Warcraft Legion will take place on Tuesday.

Blizzard issued a timeline for the activities of the World of Warcraft Legion, which is as follows:
30,2016- Legion Post go live, the difficulty to Normal and Heroic dungeons will be opened. Myth prison difficulty is only available after the prison weekly reset the time.
Emerald 20,2016- Nightmare Raid prison opened with Normal and Heroic difficulty. Introduction Mythic wedge stone, which will make World of Warcraft Legion more challenging. Expect rewards too!
27.2016: Emerald Nightmare Raid dungeon with difficulty myth opened. The first wing Raid Finder difficulty Emerald Nightmare opened.
11,2016- Emerald Nightmare with the first wing Raid Finder difficulty available.
25,2016- Raid Finder Wing 3 Emerald Nightmare opened.
Legion World of Warcraft fans will now be set up to prepare themselves to embrace Azeroth against the attacks of the devil.