Doing Side Missions And Optional Objectives

Tom Clancy parts are outside today for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This game is one of the games most anticipated of this year and since there is a lot of hype around it, players will try their best to reach max level closer to the launch of the game to experience the content of the final game for agriculture and to prepare for free content updates coming and development.

Fortunately, even in the Tom Clancy this can be done in various ways.

The main mission of defeating Story

story missions offer the best experience points in the game. You can gain experience points through story missions with the enemy, doing side missions available during the main mission, or to find out the loot or just do a variety of tasks such as reviving the members of your group. Gain even more experience points, you can play the mission on the highest difficulty setting. To change the difficulty, you will need to do so before starting the mission by pressing the triangle / Y in both the PS4 or Xbox One. higher difficulty will offer more experience points and loot better and credits at the end of the mission.


There are various types of side missions available in the Tom Clancy and only do they give the player experience points that can be used to level. These side missions are usually available during story moments when players are encouraged to take a break from the main story and explore the open world game.

One of the objectives of the options that you need to focus on is the security wing on a base of operations. If you upgrade enough, you will be able to get some great benefits that every percentage increase experience points from killing enemies or meet the objectives.

Exploring the World Open To Loot

Looking for good loot is not only rewarding, it is also important to enhance the experience. The loot that anyone would offer bonus experience points with an increase in the percentage if you equip them when fulfilling various tasks e.g kill enemies. Find some hidden collection of phone records as well as offering the player experience while discovering new location often offers some decent experience. There are also a variety of containers and items hidden throughout each location offers experience points for their discovery.

dark zone

Dark Zone offers the system completely different from the main game. Players will have their own so-called DZ rank in the Dark Zone that is different from the level of their Agent.

To improve your position in the Dark Zone, you will have to avoid getting killed by other players and take as many high level players as you can. This will increase your ranking in the Dark Zone but keep in mind that every death will reduce your position.

To gain experience points faster in the Dark Zone, you can try to go rogue and this can be achieved by firing agent other partners in the battle. This will make you a rogue agent and enhance your experience points, but also make you a target for other agents.

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